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Viewing Data

Viewing Data

Once the data has loaded, it can be viewed by selecting the appropriate graphs from the 'Graph Type' box.


1 . Graph Type 'Act'Graph Type 'Act'

Select this graph type to look at a time series view of the data.


2 . Lines/PointsLines/Points

The data can be plotted with points, lines or both.


3 . Worst ErrorWorst Error

The marker value of the point with the largest model error is displayed on the plot.


4 . ZoomZoom

Zoom in on the current view, or left click and drag on the plot to zoom into a particular region.


5 . Actual ValuesActual Values

The actual data is displayed in black.


6 . Model ValuesModel Values

The current model values are red. The line starts off flat as no model has yet been built.


7 . MarkersMarkers

Selecting the 'Marker' option will display the associated data for a particular point as the mouse is moved across the plot.


8 . Marker LassoMarker Lasso

The circle shows the point for which the current marker values are being displayed.


9 . Marker ValuesMarker Values

This is where the marker values are displayed.