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  Tiberius Data Mining

Loading Data

In order to model data, it must first be read in by Tiberius.


Tiberius can instantly open the following files types;


        Excel (.xls)

        Access (.mdb)

        dBase (.dbf)

        tab delimited text files* (.tab)

        comma delimited text files* (.csv)


By installing the appropriate database drivers,


        SPSS (.sav)


files can also be instantly loaded. See the SPSS section for details on how to load the drivers.


Any other


        ODBC compliant database


can be opened by creating a 'universal data link' (UDL). Examples are



        SQL Server



*Text files are limited to 255 fields (or columns) due to the text drivers used. If you have more fields than this then the data will have to be loaded into a database format that supports many columns (such as SPSS or SAS).