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In order to load SPSS (.sav) files into Tiberius, the SPSS Data Driver needs to be installed. This Data Driver is part of the SPSS Data Access Pack. SPSS itself does not need to be installed.


The drivers can be sourced from the CD or the SPSS web site.


From Your SPSS Product CD


        Insert your CD into the CD-ROM drive

        The AutoPlay feature presents a menu

        Choose 'Install SPSS Data Access Pack'

        Follow the instructions that appear on the screen


From the SPSS web site


        Navigate to http://www.spss.com/drivers/client.htm

        Click the link for 'SPSS recommended drivers'

        Click the link for Windows

        Download the file

        Run the file once downloaded


Once the drivers are installed, opening a .sav file is the same process as opening any of the other standard files types, such as Excel (.xls) or Access (.mdb). Just browse to the file of interest and select it.