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SQL UDL Wizard 4

SQL UDL Wizard 4

The UDL file contains information to connect to a specific database. The relevant information is specified in this tab. Once the 'Test Connection' button returns a success, press the 'OK' button to continue.


1 . Server NameServer Name

Server Name

If there are several servers, select the appropriate server name.


2 . Password savingPassword saving

Password saving

If using a user name and password, 'Allow saving password'* can be checked. If it is not then Tiberius will prompt you when the password is required.

Note: *the password will be stored as plain text in the UDL file.


3 . DatabaseDatabase


Select the database you wish to connect to.


4 . Test ConnectionTest Connection

Test Connection

Clicking this button will result in the message 'Test connection succeeded' if everything is entered correctly. Once this has been achieved, press the 'OK' button.