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First Model

First Model

We will now build our first neural network model.


The demo data loaded is trying to model if an Iris plant is of type Versicola, based on four measurements of the petal and sepal.


1 . Add NeuronAdd Neuron

Add Neuron

Press this button to add a neuron to the neural network. The diagram will change to represent the current network architecture as neurons are added or removed.


2 . Train ModelTrain Model

Train Model

In order to start the learning process, press this button. To stop the learning, press it again.

Learning will only automatically stop once 100% correct classification has been achieved.


3 . ResultsResults


As the model is learning, the classification success rates are displayed. This shows that of the 150 examples, of which 50 are Versicola, the model has correctly classified 149 of them.