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Selecting the Variables

Selecting the Variables

Select what is to be predicted as the 'output' and the variables to be used to make the prediction as the 'inputs'.


1 . datafiles, tables, queries or worksheetsdatafiles, tables, queries or worksheets

Select the required view of the data. For the demonstration data supplied, select the table called 'FXrates'.


2 . InputsInputs

Use the buttons to select the variables that are to be used as the 'inputs' or 'predictors'.


3 . OutputOutput

Select the variable to be modelled as the 'output'.


4 . MarkersMarkers

Text and numeric data can be selected as 'markers' which will be displayed as point lables on some plots. This can help readily identify particular points.


5 . Lagged InputsLagged Inputs

If the data is a time series, then lagged delays and running averages can automatically be generated.


6 . OK buttonOK button

Once everything is selected, press the OK button to proceed.